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About Us
Welcome to Wholesale9.com, The Wholesale Directory for independent retailers and traders. If you are looking to buy wholesale, you can use this site entirely free of charge.

Our site will assist you in finding the most suitable wholesale suppliers for all types of products, and updated downloads section with latest trading guides, tips and strategies, and a dedicated research team who will find verified suppliers as per your requirements.

Wholesale Pages is a leading business portal. Since Established in 2006, We supply newest information about wholesale, business & economy, shopping, office supplies product, apparel, food & beverage, jewelry.

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Wholesale Facts :

- Wind energy provides lower-cost electricity that helps keep consumers' rates low.
That helps explain criticism from competitors, who may have sunk costs into higher-priced sources of power. However, their claims that the wind energy production tax credit (PTC) is causing so-called "negative" prices are misguided, as this extremely rare phenomenon occurs only 1 in 4,500 hours, would occur anyway even if there was no PTC, and actually shows the electricity market is working.

- Wind energy is always going to enter the real-time electricity market as one of the lowest-cost sources of electricity.
Because wind energy has no fuel cost and extremely low variable operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, even without the PTC wind energy would enter into the market at low prices and be preferred by utility system operators who choose power based on its marginal cost (not up-front or other fixed costs). Thus, the PTC itself has very little effect on real-time electricity prices - it simply incentivizes private investment into making more of this affordable, homegrown power source.

- According to the 2002 census of wholesale trade made in the US, there are an over of 430,000 wholesale operations going around in the United States.

- In the coming year, natural gas prices are projected to increase about 30%. That would suggest wholesale power prices may tick up in 2013 from 2012 bargain levels, though even more demand response, solar, and wind are entering the markets this year. Their entry will limit whatever increases that may occur.

- In 2012, the average wholesale price for spot market day ahead electricity fell from 15% to 43%.

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UK wholesale suppliers directory. UK wholesalers, suppliers and dropship directory with full search features. Also listed are UK trade suppliers, wholesale distributors, wholesale dropshippers, manufacturers & wholesale importers.

Business & Economy
Telstra Wholesale is a Telstra business that sells access to Telstra's networks into the wholesale market. We enable customers in Australia and elsewhere to deliver their own products and services off the Telstra network.

Office Supplies
Wholesale office supplies super store with over 100,000 business and cleaning supply products for your home and business.

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